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Michael Fowler Centre - Wellington (16th April 2014) – Hugh Laurie

Starts at 8:00PM || Map || Tickets

Local Food

Little Beer Quater || Zibibbo || The Green Parrot

Venue Recommendations and F.A.Q (Source: Michael Fowler Centre Site!)

What are their policies regarding photo/video/audio?

There is no mention of this policy on their website so assume that you will either not be allowed to take cameras into the venue, or only non-professional/fixed lens cameras will be allowed.

Seating arrangements?

Seating is allocated at time of sale. Many prices available dependant on location and view. 


West Plaza Hotel || Trinity Hotel || Amora Hotel Wellington

The Civic - Auckland (15th April 2014) – Hugh Laurie

Doors at 7:30pm || Starts at 8:00PM || Map || Tickets

Local Food

Box || Masu || Ostro & City Terrace

Venue Recommendations and F.A.Q (Source: The Civic Site!)

What are their policies regarding photo/video/audio?

Generally taking photos during performances is not permitted. It is a violation of copyright laws and flash photography can cause a safety hazard to performers. You will be reminded of this by the promoter of the event before the performance begins. If you are seen using a still or video camera, you will be asked to stop and your camera may be confiscated by an usher.

Seating arrangements?

Seating is allocated at time of sale. Many prices available dependent on location and view. 


SKYCITY Hotel Auckland || SKYCITY Grand Hotel || Hotel DeBrett

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[Cover] Hugh Laurie & The Copper Bottom Band

I’m not one of those people who’ve been in dozens of shows - for lack of time & $ - but I could appreciate good and great shows of bands I’d like to see, as the Finns Sonata Arctica , the audible noise of Adrenaline Mob and the voice Torn Halestorm . But NOTHING (NADA!) compares to the charm and friendliness of Hugh Laurie.

For those who do not understand anything, quick explanation: Hugh Laurie is best known as the boring and tedious Doctor House, the winning number of Emmys that today passes on Record. He found the music to six years of piano lessons. At 10, the blues took over his life and never stopped. However, the series of cantankerous doctor would not allow him to devote himself to you like. In 2011, and eight seasons on TV, Hugh Laurie left a career aside.

Singer, instrumentalist and, above all, show-man. That’s how I can define what was the show that he and The Copper Bottom Band for 2.5hrs managed to convey. Yes, two and a half blues, piano, voices and lights hours leading the audience in Citibank Hall madness. Never went in the house and even away from metro and bus, the place is magical, with very good acoustics and the position of the public (in the stands) facilitates the vision.

At the entrance of the house, hours before the show, the stage was set and the instruments of the whole band gave a warm welcome to the audience, like a pre-event to take all your photos. Even Britain, Hugh was allowed to delay for 10 minutes, which eventually offsetting the BIS at the end of the show.

The repertoire of songs already released two CDs: Let Them Talk and Didn’t It Rain, plus classic blues singer who grew up listening to and admiring. In each song very well executed, Hugh made ​​some comments about it, telling a little of its history, or praising any of his guest musicians.

A tone produced saxophone, trombone style a torn New Orleans or the magnificent timbre of  Gaby Moreno (next door) and Sister Jean McClain , did the singer get up from the piano and revere the musicians. It was there, a man who knows his audience and acted as a spectator.

The contact with the public was his trump card to comment on the World Cup, but at no time Hugh left praising the guests that Saturday. Very charismatic, joked a few words in Portuguese: “this is all I know!” as well (in English) told who knew English was translating for the friend sitting next to: “you can get a tremendous friendship ! But not translated during the songs! “

Near midnight, Hugh and the band played the last song with the audience already standing with several machines to record the moment, thus ending the scheduled show. The singer / actor took backstage dozens of gifts that fans left for him, but lacked a final surprise. Hugh back to the BIS wearing a jersey of Brazil given this writing Laurie and the number 10 stamped. With the delight of fans, he and the band devastate more 4 songs for the very end - oh, and one of its ”What Not” , music composed by Jorge Ben Jor, made ​​famous by Sérgio Mendes and “recently” in the voice Black Eyed Peas.

Hugh Laurie & The Copper Bottom Band is a visual spectacle out of the ordinary. While rock bands leaving you sweaty and your voice with the volume and speed of the songs, Hugh embraces his songs leaves you sitting tapping his hand on the leg and savouring that taste of 20-30-50 years. Missed him sing Let Them Talk, but this is a very personal, Kell and my request. Hugh come back soon!

©Leo Light - Action Nerds

Source - Please click here for the original Portuguese review. Apologies for the poor English translation, blame Google!

Really happy abt. last night’s show in Sao Paolo’s Citibank Hall 
4,000 people are nothing to sneeze abt. Looking forward to tonight’s show. C’mon out and enjoy the night wt. Hugh Laurie & The Copper Bottom Band!! 8:00pm Showtime!!

©Sista Jean & CB - Facebook



The beautiful surroundings created the show even before the start of the show, with Persian rugs, lamps and retro chandeliers and an acoustic bass magnetic (hard for one fan of the instrument, taking his eyes) already announces what awaits us in the Theatre Sesi, in Porto Alegre. Hugh Laurie and his The Copper Bottom Band clearly prepared an exquisite spectacle.

And it starts in an almost British punctuality, entering the stage with Laurie, dançandinho and with a good drink in hand. Have the microphone, will toast to the audience. ”Health”, says in good Portuguese. There, the audience was won, and the show opens with “Iko Iko” by The Dixie Cups.

From there, what we saw was a flawless show, with a band of the highest calibre, afinadíssima, that still leaves room for everyone to shine also. There are amazing solos, and one of them, Jean McClain takes the lead vocal on “Send Me To The ‘Lectric Chair”, Bessie Smith, providing a particularly exciting time. Beside me, a fan of music, but not very knowledgeable about the work of Laurie, allows tears run down on the size and talent of fun backing vocal delivery.

Delivery there is also of course, Laurie himself, who brings not only her talent and love for music, but also his experience on the stage of the English theatrical comedy. He quips, makes fun, interact with the public, who is not shy and tries to get your attention.

To praise, thank him - and returns, showing his stated admiration for Brazilian beauty; applying in “Unchain My Heart,” off the set list, he asks “is for me to touch or do it with you?”, The desire for fan he meets and comes to lie on stage to autograph his rib that at this point, you should be tattooed. Laurie is passionate, much more than its famous Dr. House, responsible for bringing much of the audience to the theatre to see it live.

Over two hours later, the delicious “Green Green Rocky Road” closes the show. The public does not draw back his foot. Instead, go further crowding in front of the stage, waiting for the return of Laurie. The bit happens with “Go To The Mardi Gras”, “Changes” and “You Never Can Tell”, which could have ended in style, but no. There’s more, and it’s “Mas Que Nada” by Sergio Mendes - who was not on the set list, but has been played at every show in Brazil - which puts the endpoint in this unforgettable show.

PS: In the next, do not selfie back to the stage, even during one of the most beautiful bass solos I’ve ever heard. Thank you.


Iko Iko ” 
“ Let the Good Times Roll ” 
“ Evenin' “ 
Buona Sera ” 
“ What Kind of Man Are You ” 
“ Day and Night ” 
“ Kiss of Fire ” 
“ So Damn Good ” 
“ Send Me to the ‘Lectric Chair ” 
“ Mystery Train ” 
“ You Do not Know My Mind ” 
“ The Weed Smoker’s Dream ” 
“ Lazy River ” 
“ Didn’t It Rain ” 
Careless Love  “ 
“ Get Out My Life Woman ” 
“ My Journey to the Sky ” 
“ Wild Honey ” 
“ I Hat a Man ​​Like You ” 
“ I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to Be Free ” 
“ Green Green Rocky Road ” 
“ Go to the Mardi Gras ” 
“ Changes ” 
“ You Never Can Tell ” 
“ But that Nothing

©Lidy Araujo – Noize

©Ariel Fagundes [Photographs]

Source - Please click here to read the original Portuguese article and to see more photographs.  Apologies for the poor English translation, blame Google!

Hugh Laurie & The Copper Bottom Band - Citibank Hall, São Paulo - 30/03/2014

You Don’t Know My Mind

©Anita La Fey - YouTube


Friendly and talkative, Hugh Laurie makes great presentation in São Paulo

Best known on the screens, the musician entered the American music show 2:30

"Well, I used to be an actor …". That was one of the first lines of Hugh Laurie on the show that started at 22.10, at Citibank Hall, in São Paulo. Perhaps the intention was to warn the audience that there they would not see one surly gentleman who limps, uses a cane and says everyone lies (features his famous character, the protagonist of the series House). There was the musician and above that, the musical researcher Hugh Laurie, which brings together on stage who knows about the jazz, blues and R & B.

In fact, before the show starts, with the ever-lit stage, since the opening of the gates, showing a scenario filled with lamps and a chandelier. Part of the audience already entered and went to the mouth of the stage to take pictures.

The first sound that came from it was a one-two of “What a Man” (the famous voice of Linda Lyndell) and “Iko Iko” traditional music of Carnival in New Orleans. Early in the show, Hugh Laurie showed his most direct influences: Jazz - Memphis more precisely, with the Stax label Linda and traditional American music, especially the New Orleans area.

Laurie talked a lot with the audience and asked for whoever understood his English translate for those who were on the side. Every song, Laurie had a joke or a comment. This, contrary to what one might imagine, did not break the rhythm of the show. Especially because the level of fandom was high: whoops, especially women, set the tone of these breaks, entitled to an attempted invasion of the stage.

The band was created to accompany Laurie is impeccable. The Copper Bottom Band has seven musicians and change your training on demand: a vocal trio turns on “Lazy River” (from Hoagy Carmichael), a group of tango “El Choclo” or a group of samba “Mas Que Nada” who closed the show with an identical version of Sergio Mendes - entitled to vocalists sending one heavily accented Portuguese.

Hugh Laurie was in control even when he was at the piano, in the right corner of the stage. Besides singing and playing the piano, he plays guitar and risked a little dance - well gangly, say by the way. It was a few times to centre stage and shine deixaou his band, especially the vocals Gaby Moreno (Guatemala) and Jean McClain, who, at various times, seemed the owners of the show.

©Marcos Lauro - Rolling Stone

Source - Please click here for the original Portuguese article.  Apologies for the poor English translation, blame Google!

Hugh Laurie & The Copper Bottom Band - Citibank Hall, São Paulo - 30/03/2014

I Hate A Man Like You

©Maria Lucia Bueno - YouTube



British actor of many talents, he gained fame while hiding the accent to represent - for eight seasons - a cynic, and troubled genius in the art of medical diagnosis. In an exclusive interview with reporter Marina Machado, Hugh Laurie shows the many faces of the celebrated interpreter House Doctor: jazz and blues musician, lover of football and scathing critic of the work itself. Check!

Exclusive report from Marina Machado

Hugh Laurie - Actor / Musician

©Band News